Welcome to Placemad Website
Placem'Ad and Foodcourt-Ads.com are placemat advertising or tray liner advertising services that utilize the concept of guerrilla marketing and takes advertisements straight to the tables of food establishments such as mall food courts, restaurants, coffee shops, eateries and diners right under the plates of its patrons.

Placem'Ad uses paper placemats (in the case of restaurants) or tray liners (in the case of food courts) as an advertising medium. The placemat or tray liner advertisements are printed on paper and distributed for free in the food courts of malls or in the restaurants in a certain territory, who are located proximate to the advertisers. This enhances advertising as the placemats are displayed in a localized area where the advertisers can easily be located.

As of this writing, Placem'Ad is present in four selected SM malls, namely SM City North EDSA, SM City San Lazaro, SM City Marikina and SM Supercenter Valenzuela. Placem'Ad is also present in Ayala Market Market.

What is Placemat Advertising?
Placemat advertising enhances advertising opportunities as it targets an audience during a time where they are most likely relaxing. A patron usually waits ten to fifteen minutes for their food to arrive. Those ten to fifteen minutes present a valuable advertising opportunity as opposed to accosting people while they are on the go.

Placemat advertising enables a business establishment to be constantly viewed by a high volume of customers. The advertisements are printed on paper and are distributed to different food establishments in a mall or local territory to be viewed by its patrons on a daily basis.

The fact that the placemat advertisements are laid on the dining table maximizes exposure, as they are placed on an area which cannot be ignored. Placemat advertising also makes things easier for an establishment's proprietors, as the placemats are distributed for free, and printed on paper. This minimizes cleaning time and lessens the amount of labor involved in cleaning tables.